Here are some of my favourite clips in case you're on this site with some time to while away.

The Lombard Twins - Rhythm & Dance

This makes me happy.  No matter how many times I've watched it.

The Drinking Song with coffee

What art is about? Lifting us above the ordinary.

Louis Armstrong & Danny Kaye

The two of the most open hearts you'll ever see. I want to be in that number.  I love sending this as a virtual birthday gift.

Bobby McFerrin

For all the musicians and singers. Do try this at home. Sing something that sounds simple...

Everyone's favourite clip?

Ever been in love? And you know he did it all with a temperature.

Important viewing

Classic Sesame Street. One for the kids.

Antidote for co-dependents

Here is one for all readers of the book 'Men!' Check out the guy in the back playing the cymbals...

Change the law

The best Onion report ever - also for readers of 'Men!' - this explains what I was saying at the end of the book more eloquently than I did.

Happy family

You have to watch this at least three times.

No time to have a stroke

The most memorable TED talk ever. The astounding Jill Bolte Taylor. If you've seen it before it doesn't matter - watch it again.  Amazing.

The rescue

This is one of the most beautiful pieces of footage I've ever seen. Have your tissues ready. It's silent at first and then the music starts. It reminds me of this poem Sometimes.

Another journey to work

And I know this one is very old but... There is something about the simple innocence and joyfulness of this one.  If only everyone danced like this every day. :-)  Utterly fabulous.

If I didn't have you

The ultimate love song. For anyone who found their soulmate. :-)

Expanding your circle of compassion

The wonderful Professor Robert Thurman invites you to expand your circle of compassion.


Caetano Veloso, (the Brazilian singer, writer and political activist), sings this heart-wrenchingly beautiful Mexican love song better than anyone else in the world.   And you even have some great filming too. Consoles my broken heart on the sad days.

Meanwhile - far away and very high up

And to end with the sublime... here is a thank you to anyone that has read a book called 'For Tibet, With Love' or 'A Beginner's Guide to Changing the World.'  I send this clip to anyone that has experienced tragedy when I don't know what to say.  x i