Fast, hard-hitting, funny and honest, this is the book that answers the question that all women discuss every day: 'Where are the interesting and available men?' Forget the fiction. This is not self help or a dating manual - This is 'Men!' - controversial, sassy and very entertaining.

Losada throws herself into all male environments to learn about how different 'Men!' are from women. From learning to be a plumber & riding a Harley to interviewing psychologists and dating hosts. How do you define an 'interesting' man? (or women?) How are male and female brains different? What do the richest men in the city and the builders on the building sites want of women?

This is not a book for women who think that finding a man is the solution to their problems; rather it is an intelligent, controversial and often hilarious journey through modern life and relationships by a unique and well-loved author.

Press Reviews

Think Micheal Moore Meets ‘Men are from Mars’, only a lot funnier.
— Glamour
A very entertaining romp around a very modern mystery.
— Daily Express

Reader Reviews

I would give this book six or seven stars if I could. I couldn’t recommend it more highly.
— Jasmin Barnes, Amazon
Anyone over 16 should be made to read ‘Men’ and take an exam in it before being allowed to meet members of the opposite sex.
— John Mulligan, Amazon