Isabel & Sir Bob Geldof

Bob had been talking without pausing for breath for the previous hour.  He's notoriously difficult to interview because he can be very grumpy.  But I'm a huge fan and he eventually gave in to my irrepressible friendliness.

Isabel and Mooji

Isabel asking Mooji, (who many believe to be genuinely enlightened) ‘Can you honestly tell me that, in your experience, that which we experience is for our growth?’

How to sell a broom

This is part of a whole evening that I do on ‘How to get published’ in which I gently (I hope) make fun of authors and the entire publishing process.  I hope that, even though you’re not at the evening, the parallels are clear.

How to make a wild flower garden in 30 minutes

Visiting a friend in Scotland she tells me that she’s been "planning on making a wild flower garden for years."  I decided to fix this.

TV and live performance showreel

This is an old style ‘showreel’ with bits and pieces of live TV, a live evening that we did for ‘Men!’, the stunt jump for those of you that have read ‘For Tibet with Love.

Rejection Letters

Potential writers can be very easily discouraged by rejection letters.  So I stress the point in the evening by reading a large selection of mine, all of which contradict each other.  My hope is that anyone there who wants to be published will not be so easily downcast on receiving their tenth rejection letter.