For Tibet, With Love


'Sometimes you just have to do something, don't you? Sometimes an injustice comes along and you think 'No, this cannot be', and rather than just turn off the TV, you know it's time to act'

So begins Isabel Losada's extraordinary For Tibet, With Love in which she explores whether it's possible for an ordinary person to change the world, just a little, and if something so serious can be achieved with joy in one's heart. From visits to Nepal and Tibet, to meetings with the Chinese ambassador and Tibetan awareness-raising groups, Isabel single-handedly hatches a stunning PR coup involving Nelson's Column, a 15 metre banner and a base-jumping parachutist that captured headlines worldwide.

And then she meets the Dalai Lama...Warm and funny, moving and thought-provoking, the astonishing For Tibet, With Love celebrates the fact that we can make a difference.

Press Reviews

Isabel Losada is a twenty-first century hero... someone who is changing the world for the better and will make you want to, too.
— Harpers and Queen
Isabel has achieved the perfect combination of humour, poignancy and intellectual rigour.
— The Statesman

Reader Reviews

This book has inspired me to be kind to others and to recognize the different layers of kindness. It has helped me to see strangers as people rather then shadows that bump into me on the subway.
— Kristen, Amazon
What a powerful effect this book had on me - whilst informative and maintaining a lightness dealing with serious issues.
— Elephant Eye James, Amazon

Ten Indispensable Things You Need to Change the World.


1. A Crazy, Wonderful, Foolish, Positive Plan.
2. A Storage Cupboard. To put your TV in.
3. Selective deafness (Complete inability to hear the word 'no.')
4. A Coffee Addiction. (Impossible Otherwise)
5. Unconditional Love for Others. 24 / 7.
6. Deranged Friends.  (see 7)  
7. An irrational desire to do mad things - called 'fundraising' (jump out of planes etc)
8. A website that you made yourself and can maintain yourself.
9. An unbalanced sense of humour.
10. Persistence, Joy, Persistence, Joy, Persistence, Joy, Persistence, Joy, Persistence, Joy, Persistence, Joy...