Workshops 2017  Life Kickstart Workshop / Weekend House-party.
10 people only per group. 
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Acclaim for the books -
'Fast, Funny and Inspiring too - this author changes lives.'  Joanna Lumley.
'Isabel is heart-warming and extraordinary' Wanderlust magazine.'
'A total delight.  Losada is candid, thought-provoking sassy and very very funny.' Telegraph.
'Isabel Losada is a 21st Century hero.  Someone who is changing the world for the better and will make you want to, too.'  Harpers and Queen.
'Isabel achieves the perfect combination of humour, poignancy and intellectual rigour.'  
The New Statesman.

The Battersea Park Road to Paradise
 reprinted three times in the first 6 months.   More >

What Isabel's up to and where to see her...  

For Tibet, With Love has been reprinted in a third edtion with a new preface.    More >

Writing a little  book about words.  Words we love, or don't quite understand & words I think need mulling over.  Chutzpah, Compassion, Ego and Love.  For example. :-)

The Battersea Park Road to Enlightenment is about to go into its 15th reprinting  More >

Signed copies of my books are almost always available at Waterstones (King's Road, Clapham or Piccadilly branches &
Daunts (Chelsea Branch) Phone first to check.