Here's a collection of my treasures...


If you want to be inspired I have assembled a collection of all my favourite video clips.  I send the links to people for birthdays or to cheer people up when bad things happen.  Different clips for different occasions.


Narrative Non-fiction

A list of some great books all of which I have read and can personally recommend.  Remember - truth is funnier than fiction.




OK I like non-fiction but if you are going to read fiction...


Other books

A selection of other books that I have enjoyed reading.



This page is just ten poems that I really love.  Some are comic and some are serious.  But they are all poems that I feel enhanced life in some way. I hope you will enjoy reading.


Currently reading

If you’re interested in illustration or lettering or just love to be thrown into a crazy world of images then you’ll love ‘Greetings from Darktown’.  Jonny Hannah did the cover design for ‘The Battersea Park Road to Enlightenment’ over 15 years ago and I’ve never met this strange Scotsman whose images I’m told ‘perfectly illustrate my voice as an author.’  How weird.  So I’ve treated myself to this amazingly fun volume of his weird and wonderful work and I find I currently can’t leave the house without caring it around with me.