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So what's the book about then?

My books are all - in one form or another - about happiness and living life to the full. This book - 'Men!' came about because of the situation that I observed in London and in many cities of their being many more available women than available men. The men that are available being seemingly totally unsuitable for the women. This book is about finding some men in the world that many of my girlfriends and I live in -  curiously full of single women, married men and gay men.

Coming up with a couple of definitions I defined an 'interesting' man (or woman) as someone who, when you meet them you think you'd like to have dinner with them and, having had dinner with them, you are glad you did so and would like to have dinner with them again.

Available (not to be confused with single) means a man (or woman) who is not married, not living with a partner and not in any relationship which another person believes to be long term and monogamous.

And so I set off to see if I could find any men that fit this category - on my own behalf and on behalf of the many many single women that I know. This book will explain to you what has caused this sociological phenomenon that causes so many women (especially those that are longing for a family) so much pain. This is a flawed book (one witty friend said that it's a flawed subject :-) but it does show women that it's not them. Women do not need to diet, see a therapist, a life coach or 'do their inner work' I argue that that women (like men) are just fine as they are. But we do need to understand what's going on. And we need to be honest. All of us. Discussion of these themes happens on the author page on face book. All feedback is welcome. x i

This book is about the widely recognised sociological phenomenon that we all know many more single women than single men.  In a moment of my usual madness I decided to find out what has causes this. 

But aren't there equal numbers of men and women? 

 Yes.  In terms of the birth rate there are.  But many people that live in major cities across the world - both men and women - know more single women than single men.  

Why is this?

There is not one single factor - there are many factors.  That's why I had to write a book about it.  But the book is also a story about my attempts to find a man so it has moments of pure humour as well as explaining many of the mysteries about men that mystify women. 

Would a man be interested in reading it too?

Yes.  And if he is a single male it will make him very happy.  But the book has mainly been read by women and I've had many many letters along the lines of 'thank God for this book - I used to think that there was somehting wrong with me. 

So do you tell women where we can find a good man?  

Well I certainly give some pointers. There are many things that make us more or less likely to meeting interesing people. Message in short - follow your passion but choose your passion with care. :-)

Some reader reviews

Six Stars for this book Please!      Jasmin Barnes
This is utterly fantastic. The author is funny, brave, witty, as the reviews say, sharp and insightful and clever - I could go on and on. What so impressed me was firstly, that she chose to tackle this almost impossible issue in the first place and secondly that she continued to do so whilst not pulling any punches or resorting to Hollywood happy endings. There are too many patronising books for single women out there that pretend that if you go to your local supermarket with your lipstick on you are miraculously going to meet someone that you are going to want to be the father of your children. Like the author I have many many single female friends of all ages that are without men in their lives, without fathers and without lovers. They are mostly successful career women. What Losada tackles in this book is the myth that, because they are alone, there is supposedly something wrong with them. This book proves, once and for all, that this is not the case. I would give this book six or seven stars if I could. I couldn't recommend it more highly for single women everywhere. It's utterly essential reading. And it made me laugh out loud on the tube too. Buy one for your single girlfriends too - it will cheer them up.
A must for women and men - whatever your age!   Nicola Doig
I have just finished Men!, having randomly picked it up at a bookshop three days ago and haven't been able to put it down since!
From the opening chapter, this fabulous book had me laughing out loud through understanding and recognition. Men! is a must for any female (or male) who is going, who ever has gone, or whoever may go through the perils of the great search for an interesting and available member of the opposite/same sex. Yes, Isabel's search focuses on the male of the species but her insight, experiences and sheer wit mean this book has something for everyone.
Laughter. Empathy. Understanding. Frustration. Hope. All these emotions, and more, I felt on reading Men!
It has made me reassess my own stance on the 'great search'. There are other, undoubtedly way more interesting, things I could be doing with my Saturday evenings than choosing to stay at home bemoaning the fact I never meet decent men in pubs and clubs. I am off to find those more interesting things to do. And if I should happen to find myself an interesting and available man while I'm at it...all the better says I! Pro-activity here I come!
 (And in between experiencing new adventures I will be giving copies of this fabulous book to all my friends!)
The Bravery of Honesty.       John McNairn
So I browsed thru waterstones the other day, picked up things and put down things and eventually picked up Men! (as they say!). Now I've always been interested in the men/women relationship issues and this book looked like the kind of adventure I would have done myself. So off I went and bought it and it did not disappoint. I could scarcely put the book down which is the best compliment I think I can give, and I can heartily recommend it to or woman. It gives a certain insight into women as well as men, and how mixed up we are in todays roles but at the same time giving a kind of hope. But even if you are not that interested in the man/woman thing you will still find a treausre of ideas to enrich life in general. Besides's a damn good read with more than a few laughs that can be appreciated by both men and women alike.

Review by John McNairn, not some Tom, Dick or Harry ;-)
Radical Honesty    Kevin Hopkins
Isabel Losada goes on a series of adventures in a quest to find interesting, single available men. Although she finds but fails to win her man she succeeds in exploring the essential differences and similarities between men and women in affairs of the heart in an accessible, humorous and informative way. Despite these differences, we are all looking to love and be loved and Isabel suggests a new radical honesty between men and women as the basis of more genuine relationships. This is a warm, intelligent book. A must read for both men and women.

I enjoyed this book so much I have bought several copies and sent them to my friends. 

Makes you think, and laugh and DO something.      Sally Sharpe
Having finished "Men!" I immediately started to re-read it and I have never, ever done that before. OK so this book is very relevant to me and my life right now, but even if it wasn't it's funny and makes you think about relationships. I also want all my friends to read it so have had to buy another copy for lending out as I am re-reading mine. I've now joined the local climbing club - read the book to find out why.

Giving good radio :-)

The late and great Gerry Ryan. For everyone in Ireland.  Whether you loved him or hated him - one of the joys of a book tour for me was making radio with Gerry Ryan who was, in my not so humble opion, the greatest and most generous broadcaster of his generation.  I had the honour of an hour long interview with him about 'New Habits', 'The Battersea Park Road to Enlightenment', 'For Tibet, with Love' and finally, in the last year of his life, 'Men!'  At his death I was proud to be quoted as saying that making Radio with Gerry was better than making love to most men.  I used to jump up and down (literally) with joy at the theought of being on his programme.  Here is our last broadcast together - he blew everyone else he had lined up to be on that day.  This is an hour of radio but if you loved Gerry and have read my books - sit back and enjoy the show. 

Listen here (mp3 audio file - 18 MB)

Short review from Glamour magazine. 


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