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International Editions

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International Editions

Here is the Japanese edition. Publisher Sony. It's called 'Isabel talks about Happiness' (I think) and it has a cover that was created with stitches and a sewing machine. Love the pink eyes. Of course this edition is a wonder to me. All in beautiful Japanese characters that you read from the back of the book till the front. The Japanese take their English writers really seriously and I'm absurdly proud of this little edition. If you are very clever or have Japanese friends you can order the Japanese edition here. BPR in Japanese
Here is how the German edition looks. Publisher Ullstein. By a miracle I managed to sit in the double lotus position and smile at the same time. If you look carefully there are also some very rude bits on the cover. They call it 'On the Highway to Enlightenment' Bücher: Auf dem Holzweg zur Erleuchtung
. Publisher: La Feltrinelli. In Italy they kept the original illustration but it's called 'Voglio Viveri Cosi.' There is no Italian amazon but there is another internet book dealer which operates the same 'drop this on your doorstep service' and has a site that is easy to navigate, even if you don't speak Italian, as it looks much the same as amazon. You can order the Italian edition here - BPR in Italian or here At the second one they also have the second Italian edition.
This is the Swedish edition. Publishers: Egmont Richters. These were the only publishers who decided to produce the book first of all in hardback. A clever Swedish speaking reader has let me know that 'Vagen till Upplysning' means, 'The Way to Enlightenment.' Sweden don't have amazon either - but they have a version of
To order the Swedish edition
- BPR in Swedish
Publisher: De Boekerij. Yes, this is actually your narrator- going down a hill on my bike. I think the editor and I intended the photo to be funny - I'm not sure it really worked but the designs around the edge are beautiful! I love the idea of being perched on a bike on the fast road to enlightenment. In reality of course - I just sit at my computer. Sigh. If you speak English and Dutch - please buy the Dutch edition as the Dutch publishers are the nicest people in the world and deserve to thrive - BPR in Dutch
This is the Spanish edition. Publisher Group 62.  The Spanish edition of
Battersea Park road can be bought here. 

And, on the right the Catalan edition. Publishere Group 62 as for Spanish. It is particularly pleasing to have an edition in Catalan - rather as I would be thrilled to have an edition in Welsh or Gaelic. And I know it's not the same - but Catalan is not as widely spoken as Spanish. I'll be amazed if anyone who is not in Barcelona uses this site and orders a Catalan edition - but who knows? Here is the link...


ναίκα δίχως άντρα ψάρι χωρίς ποδήλατο

This is the Greek edition. Publisher - Kedros. I still don't understand quite why there is a mermaid with a bike on it. I know the saying that a woman needs a man like a mermaid needs a bike - but Battersea Park Road isn't an anti men statement so I don't quite understand the interpretation. Perhaps this is an example of how different cultures vary? Not sure - the link is a good - it won't take you directly to an 'order' page like all the links above. But if you want the Greek edition then this is the easiest way to order it.
Here it


Here is a copy from Finland. Published WSOY. This book has done very well in Finland (apparently) - one of the only two countries that produced the book in hardback before the paperback edition. I have now given away the six copies that the publishing company sent me from Finland to readers who amazed me by emailing this site from Finland. More copies can now be obtained from


'For Tibet, With Love' - Published in Holland also by De Boekerij. The photo on the front - of which I'm incredibly proud - is the one from inside the book. There are a number of strong Tibet organisations in Holland so I'm hoping that they'll use this book to take the story to a whole new audience. If you speak Dutch, or know anyone who does, and you'd like to order a brand new copy of this book - please go to the publisher's website then type 'Losada' in the little box - press 'Go' and up will come the page for this book.
This is the 2006 Spanish 'For Tibet, With Love' - Para El Tibet, Con Amor - Published by Adhara and with a Forward by Javier Moro, who is very well loved and respected in Spain. Unfortunately I don't read Spanish, despite my second name. My daughter does though - does that count? So far this edition doesn't have a review in Spanish so if you'd like a Spanish copy or could write a review in Spanish then please look here...

or here or here


For Tibet, With Love... in Italian...Published, as above by La Feltrinelli, only it's called 'Datemi retta, qualcosa si può fare (per cambiare il mondo). Which is 'Believe me, Something can be done (To Change the World)] I love the fact that they have taken the germ of the idea by the British Illustrator Jonny Hannah and made it less busy. They have also left 'For Tibet, With Love' but in Tibetan - so no-one but the Tibetans can read this bit. Very clever stuff. It can be ordered throgh the publisher's website  For some reason my books do very well in Italy.


USA (in translation :-) Published by Harper Collins. I really love the hardback copy of this edition. The USA decided to call it 'A Beginner's Guide to Changing the World' from the start and I wrote a different opening page making the 'quest' less Tibet specific. When I was on tour I was invited to address the Tibetan community in New York about this book on the Dalai Lama's 70th Birthday. It was one of the proudest moments of my life. This edition (which is great if you're a fan of the book and want a hardback to keep) can be bought through this page on or, if you're in the US through this page -
Australia.  Publisher Allen and Unwin. In Australia they didn't translate but they did their own adaptation of the original UK cover taking out a lot of the cluttered background but keeping the original idea.

In the US and the UK the book is now called 'A Beginner's Guide to Changing the World' so if you want to have a copy with the original title then you have to have the Aussie version. The Aus publishers are not showing their own version on their own website (?!!!?) but if you buy it from here you do receive the Aus version. I've asked them so promote their own copy not the UK one!

'Moj put do prosvjetljenja'

: Published by Henna. They have designed their own cover which, rather cleverly, seems to tell you what's in it - all the different subject areas are written on the right hand side.
My daughter and I went to Croatia on holiday last summer - it's wonderful. We went to a little Island called Lopud just off the coast from Dubrovnic and stayed in a tiny B&B in a man's home, and there was nude swimming on the sandy beach and lots of sunshine. This site is in Croat but you can buy one if you'e clever at 
В поисках совершенства
Battersea Park Road to Enlightenment.. in Russian. Now published by AST. The link below will take you directly to the page for the book in Russian - but, unless you speak Russian, you may have a little difficulty navigating it.

I wonder how many Russian readers end up on this site? A few clever bi-lingual ones I guess. I did receive one email from a Russian reader, before I knew it had been published. So far I just forward the link to the few people that I know in Russia and let them deal with it... Anyway - here is the link.. If you succeed in ordering from here and getting a copy to arrive in the UK then please let me know.

Men! Uomini - In Italian by Feltrinelli.

Feltrinelli is an absolutly wonderful publishing company and my books are easier to find in Italian bookshops than they are here. I've no idea why my books do so well in Italy whereas none of them have been bought by a French publisher yet.

The launch of 'Uomini' in Italy was even heralded by interviews in major magazines and full page photos etc - all done in translation... and I've done interviews for websites, the lot. Maybe I should learn Italian and retire to Italy.  you can buy it here...

Men! Published in Germany by Goldman (part of Random House Germany) September - 2009.

Apparently there is a shortage of interestingand available straight men in Germany too so the Germans are very interested in this book. It may be ordered through the publishers website Random House Germany or through the German Amazon....

More international editions to come... Men! In Hungarian. (Publisher Animus)
'The Battersea Park Road to Paradise' in Russian (Publisher Ripol) 
'The Battersea Park Road to Paradise' in Italian (Feltrinelli)
The Battersea Park Road to Enlightenment in Turkish (Kuraldasi)
'The Battersea Park Road to Paradise' in Turkish (Kuraldasi) 
The Battersea Park Road to Enlightenment' in French - (Presses du Chatelet) 
The Battersea Park Road to Paradise in Dutch. (Spektrum) 
Men! in Turkish. (Kuraldasi)
The Battersea Park Road to Paradise in Latvian. (Zvaigzne)