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For Tibet, With Love

What's 'For Tibet with Love' about?

This book explores in a joyful way the old question,'What can one person do to make a difference?'

The fact that I chose to apply this to Tibet was either a moment of inspiration, a moment of madness - or a curious mixture of these two.. 
I use as my guideline the famous serenity prayer - 

How do I acquire serenity to accept what I can't change? 

What exactly is courage and how can I use it to change the things I can? 

And will I ever have the wisdom to know the difference? 

The book also looks at persistence-  which, in my experience, is 90% of everything, at risk taking
and at how you measure results. In it you learn with me as I travel to Tibet, almost fall in love with a Tibetan monk, break the law, jump out of planes and lean a little humiluty. 

Wisdom to know the difference between what we can change and what we can't? Well the Dalai Lama says it all in the interview at the end of this book. In my limited experience wisdom is to do with thinking things through, and believing that small actions matter. 

As Gandhi says, 'Whatever you do will seem to be insignificant - and it is very important that you do it.'

I'd like to read the beginning of this book.  Is it available anywhere? 

 The first pages  can be read here -  Opening two pages. 


Some Reader Reviews

Professor Robert Thurman (Recently named one of the 25 most influential men in America) - mentions and commends this book while being interviewed about 'How to Change the World'

Watch Robert's interview and...
Here are some Amazon reader reviews.  None of these readers are known to Isabel nor has she ever met any of them. 



I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS BOOK     Kristen Gillespie

This book has inspired me to be kind to others and to recognize the different layers of kindness. It has helped me to see strangers as people rather then shadows that bump into me on the subway. Also, by providing a lot of information about Tibet, it has also inspired me to find out more on my own.
The Power of Love  '  Elephant Eye' James.
What a powerful effect this book had on me - whilst informative and maintaining a lightness dealing with serious issues, it had a profound emotional effect on me....I am a well adjusted, sensitive person, but a pattern emeged whilst reading - I would finish a passage, chapter or section, then usually begin sobbing uncontrolably whilst feeling love for all concerned and more often than not, "hugging" the book to my chest! Thankyou Isabel - your determination, courage and sense of purpose are wonderful! Well done! Read this book. Be aware, then act...Send love
Remember What Life Is About!    L. Whithey
This book is strategically placed on the end of my bookshelf, so that I can reach it easily whenever I want to re-read the many passages I've highlighted. It contains many inspiring thoughts and actions and encourages you to have the same. Along with world adventures and some very funny moments. It also has a political voice, and opened my eyes to the injustices faced by the people in Tibet, very timely in the year of the Beijing Olympics. This book inspired me to do many, try and have compassion and understanding (not always easy),look after yourself as well as others, and also to have a picture of HH the Dalai Lama up on my wall!
This Book Needs to be Read by You!   Irish Buddhist
I was browsing through a bookshop in Cavan, Ireland one day last year when i picked up this book. I almost felt drawn towards it. (Have you ever picked up a book and felt that way?) Anyway I bought it and brought it home, when I finished reading it, I just sat back and thought, 'every book should be like this!'

It is the best book I have ever read. I seriously cannot express how much i love it!
I love the way it is written, the stories, the focus, and most of all the passion and heart with which it was written.

If there is any sense of humanity/love within your heart then you will love this book... however if you are cold hearted with no care for anyone but yourself, you should also buy this book and I guarantee by the end of it, it will have touched your heart in such a way that you will never feel the same ever again.
(Message to author: No matter how many copies you've sold, your book deserves way more 
attention.  You are a fantastic and brilliant human being.)
May Change the Direction of Your Life!   Nicola Jeffry
This book is one of the most influential and inspirational books I have ever read. After reading A Beginner's Guide to Changing the World I went to Northern India to teach English in a monastery with Tibetan monks. I also volunteered with Volunteer Tibet in Dharamsala. This was as a direct result of reading Isabel's book and realising that one person can make a difference.

This book can seriously change the direction of your life....are you prepared?

UK and US Prss Reviews

I'd like to recommend this book to my reading group.  Is there any sort of discussion guide for groups?

Bloombury have produced a free downloadable  guide for reading groups to go with this book.  It's excellent I think.  You can download it from the Bloomsbury site here.

So how do you change the world?

 Aside from reading the book of course, first of all you need this Rumi quote
'Start a huge, foolish project, like Noah…it makes absolutely no difference what people think of you.'   
Then you need Isabel's ten point plan.

Ten Indispensable Things You Need to Change the World. 

1. A Crazy, Wonderful, Foolish, Positive Plan.
2. A Storage Cupboard. To put your TV in. 
3. Selective deafness (Complete inability to hear the word 'no.'  
4. A Coffee Addiction. (Impossible Otherwise)
5. Unconditional Love for Others. 24 / 7. 
6. Deranged Friends.  (see 7)  
7. An irrational desire to do mad things - called 'fundraising' (jump out of planes etc) 
8. A website that you made yourself and can maintain yourself. 
9. An unbalanced sense of humour. 
10. Persistence, Joy, Persistence, Joy, Persistence, Joy, Persistence
Joy, Persistence, Joy, Persistence, Joy, Persistence, Joy....  

What was it like interviewing His Holiness The Dalai Lama? 

Read the book and find out exactly how I was feeling and what it was like. :-)

I would like to go to Dharamsala myself and hear The Dalai Lama teach.  Do you know when he'll be there?

Yes - as it happens I know a little travel company that will take you and look after you... 

Short Interview about the book

On the US site

So how can I buy the new edition of this book Isabel?

You may like  Amazon 
 or The Book Depository (Free delivery worldwide excluding only a few countries)
or find your favourite Independent Bookshop.