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100 Reasons to Be Glad

This is a little gift book that it a meditation on gratitude.  I sat and wrote a list one night when I was feeling glum and was approached by Summersdale saying that they would like to publish it.
It's an excellent book for anyone who is or has been unwell. Anyone who is going through or has been through a bad time in relationship or anyone that you want to say thank you to.
The best thing about it is that encourages people to write their own list.  And lots of people have
sent me their own lists that I read with the greatest delight.  Thinking over 100 things that you are glad about is a great game to do with children.  Especially now so many have digital camera and can take their own photos to go with their collections. 
Here are some of mine...
Bach wrote some cello suites...The moon looks the same as the first time we saw it...Giraffes...Dentists give you injections before they start to drill...Re-incarnation may be true...Someone found out the potato was edible... Lamy fountain pens...Cats choose to live with human beings...Beach huts...Toast... Sea horses. I have aimed to by-pass naff and arrive at gently profound.
All the spiritual teachers tell us that gratitude is the most important activity of all.

Reader Reviews  


Incredibly Beautiful Little Book  Jessie Pitts. 
I got this book as a birthday present and it truly brightened my day, if you are a bit of a cynic you may not appreciate it as much as if you are in touch with your inner child. It is the simple things in life that so many people overlook, so consumed with material possessions they simply dont appreciate all the amazing things they already have or have done or see or exist in everyday life. wild poppies, the sea... if you stop and think, how can they not make you smile? This is an incredibly beautiful book and i would recommend it to anybody. whats a fiver for so
many warm and fuzzy feelings!?
Wonderful Book!   Catherine
This fun and beautiful little book cheers me up every time I pick it up. A perfect gift for Christmas and birthdays - it's guaranteed to make the reader smile (or shout with joy as was the case with me when I read 'chocolate' as a reason to be glad!) The pictures are amazing aswell and it's so much fun writing your own list when you've finished!
Beautiful Gift   P. Taylor
This is a great book!'100 Reasons to be Glad' has beautiful images, and a selection of sure-fire reasons to be glad. Examples:'Breathing deeply makes you feel good'; 'Toast'; 'The smell of freshly cut grass'. I bought a copy for my mate who is going through a tough time, and couldn't resist getting one for me, too, to combat THOSE days.

Where can I buy this little gift book?

You can probably find a copy here somewhere   Amazon
Or - If you would like a brand new and signed copy of this book with your name in or with the name of someone you love you can buy it on paypal using this button.  The book is £5 so the prices below are for the book + the jiffy bag + the postage.  This is a not-for-profit venture. :-) x i