The Books

The books are narrative non fiction.  Great stories.  And every word is true. 
Real life is not only stranger than fiction but infinitely more surpising, mysterious and wonderful.  All the book are - in one way or another - exploration of the subject of happiness - how to live life to the full - how to celebrate each day no matter what and how to make a difference to the world around us.
I have been called 'a spiritual writer' which makes me laugh because it's not true.  I write on spiritual themes sometimes - but that doesn't make me spiritual does it? 
I have now been a writer for over ten years and it's been an interesting ride.  The world of publishing is one that I've learnt to grab by the horns and kick. 
Details of each of the books are here : In order of publication...
I also write about the authors job of getting published and self promotion with short articles in
and How to Get Published.