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Favourite Links

Most Favourite Website ever ...  On line meditation timer
Watch fabulous people speaking with passion TED
Documentaries on a wide range of subjects to watch for free here
Favourite Vegetarian Restaurants in London
Expensive - Safs (If you've never had raw food you won't quite believe this experience - expensive and you have to book but this is heaven on earth)
Medium - This is the favourite central London Veggie restaurant for most of my friends.  If you want to convert a meat eater - take them here. Just lush.
Cheap - Eat all you want super cheap Indian Vegetarian for £3.95 and local unpretentious atmosphere too. Love it. Bhelpoori-House
Organic Delivery of food to your kitchen.
We make spending money on good quality organic food a priority here believing that it is a long term investment in health. This service makes it worth every penny.
Favourite Bookshops complete section for the UK  Bookshops If your favourite bookshop isn't listed here please email me (address on Contact) and I'll add it.
Great Places To Go (Sorry to be London based in this list)
London is one of the most exciting venues for theatre in the world and yet lots of people that live here don't take advantage of it. There are many ways to get cheap tickets 
Other Favourite places
Borough Market (actually makes shopping for food enjoyable but only if you go very early in the morning.  8am best time to see and enjoy the market before everyone else arrives.)
The British Museum  (Free unless you go to the special exhibitions) 
British Film Institute (talks often dull but films wonderful)
Tate Modern (Free unless you go to the special exhibitions)
9 Causes (in alphabetical order)
Battersea Dogs and Cats Home  (If you've stopped believing in human kindness - go visit this amazing centre and see the British at their very best)