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The Battersea Park Road to Enlightenment.

˜Candid thought-provoking, sassy and very very funny." 
"Very funny and never cynical." Ireland on Sunday
"Great Fun yet always honest."
"Swift, snappy and engaging." 
"Humorous and Refreshing" 

New Habits 

"The intriguing thing about this thought provoking book is the amount of genuine happiness on display, happiness based on being at peace with yourself." 

"Brazenly Probing." 

"Searching and honest."

For Tibet, With Love; A Beginner's Guide to Changing the World. 

Isabel Losada has achieved the perfect combination of humour, poignancy and intellectual rigour.
Compelling reading and the most uplifting experience.
Full of a crazy joy -made me laugh out loud. 

 Heart-warming and extraordinary Losada writes perceptively and with humour

An entirely genuine and generous person doing her bit to help where help is needed. 

Isabel Losada is a 21 st Century Hero. Someone who is changing the world for the better and will make you want to, too.

Men! Where the **** are they?

Think Micheal Moore Meets 'Men are from Mars..' only a lot funnier.

US Reviews 

"In A Beginner's Guide To Changing The World' , Isabel Losada thinks her way through the greatest 'lost cause' on the planet, which she discovers is not 'lost' at all, just very hard to understand, as it calls for a different kind of courage based on love, not on anger. Tibet will not be freed by the required non-violent action with the world system as it is, addicted to violence, greed, and confusion. The world must be changed, the peace system must replace the war system, and seeing our way through to the towering importance of Tibet and her Dalai Lama is critical. Isabel's story brings this truism to life in a vivid, funny, heartwarming, delightful way. It is a great read, a live teaching! I enjoyed it, laughed and learned a lot!" 
Professor Robert Thurman - Tibetologist and Buddhist Scholar -
With large doses of humour delivered with a British accent and endearing humility this book might just inspire you to change the world in your own way - whatever that my be. 

With equal doses of whimsy and intellectual rigour Isabel demonstrates how doing good can be a creative endeavor an one that doesn't have to be deadly serious to be sincere. Losada's inspiration is infectious ... Hip and irreverent, A Beginner's Guide to Changing the World also pleases with it's substance.   
This charming tale of one woman's dedicated personal journey captures the spirit of compassion in action. I recommend it to all who are interested in making a difference in our violent world. 
Lama Surya Das - Author of Awakening the Buddha Within 

A smart, funny, compassionate surprise, a pleasure to read, and the perfect remedy for anyone who feels that they are too insignificant to make a difference 
Dinty W Moore author of The Accidental Buddhist 

An Inspiring and illuminating study into the power and possibility of one person's faith and determination. 
A truly inspiring read. 

Publishing Industry Commendations

"Isabel Losada is a dream author" 
Rosemary Davidson, Editor - Bloomsbury Publishing 
"Isabel Losada is a star and she always has been.'
Liz Calder Director - Bloomsbury Publishing.
'For Tibet, With Love; A Beginner's Guide to Changing the World.' is one of the finest and most inspiring books I have represented. Jonathan Lloyd - Literary Agent and CEO.

"It's a treat to work with an author with such vision combined with good humour. Isabel's work is a joy and an inspiration"
Jennifer Barclay, Editor.

"Thank you for making your event at the Festival such a success. We've never had so many people at a seminar before, people were really inspired by your talk and particularly loved the comedy sketch. Great to have such positive energy as yours in the world"
Lorraine Bacchus - Director West Cork Literature Festival.

 Bookseller Commendations
"Reading Isabel Losada gives me an unending pleasure and continuing inspiration in life.  Her wit makes me feel at home and the beauty and warmth in her writing stays with me always. 

Professionally, Isabel is forever at hand for help with madcap schemes and ideas a bookseller is forever having to come up with to stand out in the cut throat retail industry, never one to tire of promotion or her brave search for success.  Her empathetic approach to the subjects she covers are fresh and unique in a trade that is insistent on producing bulbous hardback parchments of the same thing from the never ending roundabout of celebrity nobodies. 

Isabel is herself a star, she transcends every other author I have ever met and I feel eternally blessed for having her work by my side at night.  I hope that is always the case.  I eagerly await the next book with baited breath and an obsessive thirst for her humour and enlightenment."
Mark Farley
Front of Store and Events Manager 
Waterstone's Notting Hill Gate

"Isabel's new book, "Men" is a brilliant idea. This just simply hasn't been done before. We can all name a thousand books claiming to offer a cure for singledom or rather obvious fiction but no one has had a serious yet funny non-fiction look at this area, and identified the symptoms, until now.
It strikes me as a very simple idea that has enormous potential for magazine and newspaper serialisation. Isabel's combination of self-deprecating narrative non-fiction and intellectually rigorous social comment is what makes this author unique and well loved.  The author's subject material, engaging personality and media experience make her a perfect guest on radio and TV programmes such as "Start the Week.,'Midweek'. Etc etc. "
Matthew Perren. Buyer - Bookspeed, Edinburgh

"One of the top authors at self promotion that I've ever come across - and I've come across a lot. Very hard working and it's a genuine pleasure to meet an author that so believes in her work."
Julian Rafot, Former Manager 

TV and Radio Industry Commendations

"The most pertinacious presenter and broadcaster that I've ever employed" Phillip Whitehead.

"You can obviously present.... and you've convinced me and I get a lot of people in here." Alex Graham - CEO 

"We need to employ ten of you." Phil Craig.  Executive Producer.

'You're a natural born broadcaster. I'm keeping you and blowing out everyone else that was scheduled to be on this show today.'   Gerry Ryan

"Isabel is someone with the energy, intellect and enthusiasm to carry off (almost) anything. Her warmth, charm and effervescence light up the screen and her insightful questions and obvious love of life and literature inform all that she does". Kim Peat - Commissioning Editor Arts -