Life Kickstart Workshop / Weekend Houseparty

Life Kickstart Workshop / Weekend Houseparty

If you have enjoyed my books – here is an invitation for you. I was encouraged last year by friends to put together a weekend workshop based on the best of everything I’ve learnt in the last 20 years.  There is some really good stuff.  None of it is original to me.. what is original to me is that I know what is really useful and how to present it to you quickly and easily in a fun filled weekend in my home.  So this is what I’m doing. I have only 10 people at a time.  I’ve run 12 weekend house parties so far – so I know that they work  -  Fantastically.


I do a full day on ‘Mind’ in which I include effective cures for guilt – resentment and anger (really – I can’t cure sadness but I’m very good at zapping those first 3) I take a look at relationship to self – throw in the best of NLP and have some pretty damn good tools for the clarification of goals.  Best bits I can’t tell you about as it would spoil the surprises.


On Sunday morning we focus on ‘Body’ so health, nutrition, exercise and we even have a session on 'Sex' but have no fear it's fully clothed and only involves talking :-) 

On Sunday afternoon we explore approaches to ‘Spirit’ in which I share some insights from Tibetan Buddhism, Mindfulness, Vipassana meditation and the Advaita tradition of ‘Self’ enquiry as taught by Mooji in ‘The Battersea Park Road to Paradise.’


The workshop also includes extensive preparation and if you do the preparation you will have full value from the workshop before you even arrive. There is, of course, also amazingly good food and the opportunity to make new friends and have a fabulous and useful weekend.


Anyway – I charge £100 in advance as a reg fee to secure a place and be given the preparation and then a second £100 at the end of the weekend if you complete the course and are completely satisfied.  


Please write to me if you’d like to nab one of the places. If you are travelling from abroad or outside London I put you up for no extra cost as long as you book long enough in advance for me to still have enough space.  So do write to me if you think you'd like to nab a place. :-) 


Love to you,  x isabel


‘A wonderful and uplifting experience and the food was absolutely fantastic.’ 


Michelle Collins – London


‘What did I like best?  Everything over the whole weekend!  It was a weekend where I barely stopped smiling.  The processes were very powerful and some of them, to me, were a complete revelation.’


Simon Joe  - London


‘Very profound. Genuinely life changing.  A wake up call as much as a kick. I’m still processing it all.  How did you fit so much into one weekend?’


Sandy Shaw -  Manchester


I am so glad I have met you and experienced the beautiful love you share so naturally with everyone.  Anastasia Cahill – Ireland

The person that you are –caring, inquisitive, wanting to share, listening, forthright, down to earth, trusting, tactile and fun – is very helpful in making a huge success of the weekend and in putting participants at ease.  Stephen Bass - Wales.

The course spring-cleaned my life before I’d even stepped in the door.

Marneta Viegas –  Oxford

My husband and I had a very great weekend and we are recommending this course to everyone we know that speaks even a little English.  Anna Chierchetti - Italy. 

I'm still buzzing from the weekend. It's definitely the best workshop/retreat I've ever been on and I've been on quite a few in my years.  Pippa Breeze Law - Oxford.