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Topping & Co


01225 428 111  
"It is the nearest that the real world has spawned, that matches to my ideal bookshop - a couple of little nooks and crannies upstairs to hide in (especially while you read a few illicit chapters), a noticeboard with cuttings of the staff's favourite book reviews, a lovely children's section at the back and really helpful staff who are pretty understanding when your 3 year old sneezes into a book they are browsing. They provide free tea & coffee during the weekend, which multiplies the risk that my family has to drag me out, because they need somebody to drive them home before dusk.
They are really supportive of local authors, and have some really innovative author events - Long may it thrive and hold back the tide of the big chainstores."
Recommended by Adrian Roberts.
'Classy, well situated and has high profile writers come to talk.' 
Recommended by Charlotta Chandrika Martins.