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Big Green Bookshop

Unit 1,
Brampton Park Road,
Wood Green,
London, N22 6BG
0208 881 6767
Simon has one of the most exciting blogs in the industry about their struggle to keep this tiny bookshop running.  Follow his nail-biting daily up-dates here
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The fact that they are in an unlikely area for a bookshop makes every book sale count making this one of the best and most exciting places in London to buy a book.  Go there on a Sunday with a friend - play box games with them and buy books. - Isabel
"They are a tiny shop in far from the best location (a side street off the main drag) but a combination of clever online marketing, bags of personality, great in-store promotions (they have some of the best bloggers in the country selecting books of the month) and some absolutely brilliant events (their regular book quiz is a must) they have become one of the most exciting bookshops in the country."
Recommended by Scott Pack
"It's local, it's easy going, there's always a friendly atmosphere and I can browse at my leisure.'
Recommended by Suzanne Azzopardi 
Friendly managers - Simon Key, Tim West and Mark Collins.