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Daunts (Chelsea)

158-164 Fulham Road. 0207 373 4997
Their facebook group is here Daunts
It can be argued that Daunt Books isn't strictly an independent, as they have six brances. But they are, all six of them run as indpendent bookshops with a distictly individual feel about them.
I once strolled into Daunts in Marlybone to find that the utterly charming and self effacing man serving me was none other than James Daunt himself.  Working on the tills. 
I can't imagine the CEO of a bank working on the tills and I was completely charmed, nay even a little smitten to find who was serving me.  I didn't tell him that I was an author and he didn't have my book in - but he was so utterly lovely that I didn't mind at all.  He has put magic back into bookhops.  I love him. 
My closest Daunt is the the one in the Fulham Road. The manager there, Max is utterly brilliant and the knowledge that the staff have of the books never ceases to amaze me.
They also do author events and are genuinely wonderful and supportive of local authors.
The latest enjoyable evening I had there was for an event with Justine Picardie (centre) talking about here new book Coco Chanel.  A friend had leant me £3,000 worth of Chanel jewelry to wear for the evening.  If you know a Chanel fan the book is wonderful. Daunts is an Aladdin's cave of wonders.